Trevor Wade is a fabricator, an obsessive researcher and a thumb smasher. He has been operating a multidisciplinary fabrication studio in Brooklyn, NY for the past five years. He recently dragged the shop across the country and is now working out of Los Angeles as well.  

Being born into a family with generations of craftsmanship on both sides, the value of the mind-hand connection was instilled into him from a young age. The hard work ethic was forged with the help of a mad, Zeus-like Uncle that taught him to frame houses blindfolded with one arm behind his back through Long Island winters. Spending years in carpentry from frame to finish, his mind and hands had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He has worn the hats of project manager, jobsite foreman, shop manager and lead fabricator with various companies. He was led to producing work in a fine arts environment that enabled him to learn all areas of metal work, mold making, casting and a multitude of finishing processes.

Operating his own fabrication shop has brought every manner of work including sculpture, furniture, interiors, functional objects, and much more. He works from rigid architectural plans to collaborating with clients in design and planning to final execution.

Services include:

 -Metal Fabrication

-Wood fabrication

-Commercial and residential interiors

-3D CAD Design


-Prototyping and production runs

-Various finishes from patina to paint

When he’s not melting, grinding, smashing and caressing away in the shop, you can find Trevor behind his handlebars, nose between pages, or staring straight ahead lost in a world of thought.